Choosing your Newborn Photographer | Heber-Park City, Utah Newborn Photographer

So you're expecting a new addition and you want those perfectly posed pictures of your baby. Here are a few suggestions to help you in your search for a newborn photographer that will give you a one of a kind experience and gorgeous images of your precious little one.

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When you're overwhelmed on your Google search for a photographer to catch these fleeting moments, start by narrowing it down by the style that YOU love. Do you love the more unposed or perfectly posed? Do you enjoy more color or neutral organic tones? Are the images consistent? Is the work of the photographer great quality? You've probably narrowed it down to a couple of photographers at this point. Make sure you LOVE the photographers images or you will be disappointed. You will not ever get this time back as newborns meet new milestones so quickly. 

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With the abundance of photographers out there look for one that specializes in newborns. When someone specializes in a genre that means they have the education behind them to safely work with your precious new baby. Often a greater part of the photographers portfolio will consists of newborn images. An experienced newborn photographer will be able to offer you a variety of poses in your session and make you feel confident. Most photographers that specialize have invested a lot of personal resources in workshops and continued education to provide the best experience possible for their clients.

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I encourage you not to let price be the "make or break" when making your decision. Most newborn sessions will cost between $400-$3000. Like style, choose a photographer that fits your needs. If you are wanting gorgeous wall art, canvas and heirloom albums, find one that offers those items. Custom boutique portraiture will often run you a little more, however the focus is on quality not quantity. You are paying for their expertise. I saw a quote once and it rang so true, "The bitterness of bad photographs remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." When you find a photographers style that you love but seems out of your budget, inquire about payment options. You'll be so grateful in the future that you made the investment to capture these moments that are otherwise forgotten.

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Business Practice

I can not emphasize enough on this particular part. Make sure your photographer is legitimate. A professional photographer will have professional equipment, an abundance of props to suit your style and above all be properly licensed and insured. Let's face it, do you drive your car without insurance? No. Do you drive your car without the proper operators license? No. That is because you are responsible. Please make sure the photographer you hire is responsible and has your best interests protected. You are hiring them. Don't be afraid to ask questions.