Baby B | Utah Newborn Photographer

I often mention that I love my job...well I seriously love my job! I am so grateful for the clients that trust me with their newest additions and trust me to capture these memories for them. To be completely honest, I do it for the snuggles (insert heart emoji).

Mauve newborn session | Utah Newborn Photographer #twyladawnphotography

One thing that I can not stress enough is the importance of newborn safety. When you choose me you know that I have the experience and training to get you those gorgeous images of your sweet baby. You may pay a little bit more for a photographer that specializes in a genre, however it is so worth it. Times like these you'll never get back. 

The above image is the "Froggy" pose is the most requested pose for a newborn session. The adorable image above is actually two different pictures that have been merged in Photoshop. 

Newborn Froggy Pose composite | Utah Newborn Photographer #twyladawnphotography

Your baby's safety is at the top of my radar at all times. You can see that Baby B is secured in both images. Then the magic of Photoshop comes in to play to remove my hands and give the image the finishing touches, including a color change.

Here are few more favorites from her session that I love! Her session was Mauve madness <3

Newborn Baby Girl Potato Sack | Utah Newborn Photography Session #twyladawnphotography
Newborn "hanging" pose | Utah Newborn Photographer #twyladawnphotography
Darling Baby Girl | Utah Newborn Photographer #twyladawnphotography